Who We Are

We are Christians, believers in Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. We believe the Bible was written by men who were inspired by God Himself. 2 Timothy 3:16

From the Bible, we know ...

  • Our sins are forgiven and we will never be separated from God's love. Romans 8: 38-39

  • The Lord Jesus is our personal Saviour and friend in this life.  2 Timothy 1:12

  • We live in the personal joy and confidence that "the Son of God loved me, and gave Himself for me". Galatians 2:20

  • We will be in heaven at the end of our life. 1 Peter 1:4

We desire to provide a warm and spiritual atmosphere in which you can find eternal and lasting peace through faith in Jesus Christ. For those who are believers, we encourage spiritual development and growth through Bible study and teaching.

We place great value on families. The future of children is vitally important to us. We strive to supply relevant moral training and spiritual guidance for young people through our Sunday school and youth programs.

Service Times

Remembrance Service
Sundays at 9:45am
Adult Bible Class
Sundays at 12:00pm
Sunday School
Sundays at 12:00pm
Gospel Service
Sundays at 6:30pm
Prayer and Bible Study
Tuesdays at 7:30pm